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Welcome to the L.P. Cline Russian Art Bookstore, our Russian Art Book Review page. The selected books listed are a great resource library for Russian Culture and Art facts. We found ourselves continually saying "I didn't know that!" Map out plenty of time before you start reading. You will not be able to put down "Casino Moscow" until you have finished. We couldn't!

Have any GREAT Books on Russia and the Arts we've missed? Send us an email to info@lpcline-russian-art.com and we'll check it out and share it right here on our website. THANKS!

The Yellow Van: Sketches of my journey in the hunt for Russian Art Available at
L.P. Cline and
on Amazon
The Yellow Van: Sketches of my journey in the hunt for Russian Art
by M. Dianne Cline
This book is written by L.P. Cline Gallery's own Dianne Cline and tells of her adventures in Russia as she hunts for collectible paintings. The author says, "It is my hope that reading the many stories that have happened to me in the hunt for Russian Art will give you a desire to step out and follow a new path that will take you into a life of adventure. Crossing cultural lines or just going across town where you live and finding a new direction or friendship that will open your heart, expand your mind, and bring unbelievable happiness to your life is possible by taking that first exciting step."
Nikolai Fechin Available at
L.P. Cline and
on Amazon
Nikolai Fechin
by Nikolai Fechin
This art book is a sequel in the Russian Painters series. Nikolai Fechin (1881-1955) was an outstanding master of Russian art of the early twentieth century. Owing to his forced emigration, Fechin's work also became a part of American art. A brilliant painter of multi-figure genre compositions and a virtuoso master of portraiture, he was no less interesting as a landscape painter and excelled as a painter of nudes and still lifes. Nikolai Fechin was one of the most prominent masters of drawings from life in his time. He also reveled his versatile talent in the fields of architecture, sculpture, woodcarving, theatrical design, and teaching. There are 270 plates in this book of 479 pages, published in the Russian and English languages.
Masters of Russian Impressionism:<br>Sergei Petrovich Tkachev & Aleksei Petrovich Tkachev Available at
L.P. Cline and
on Amazon
Masters of Russian Impressionism:
Sergei Petrovich Tkachev & Aleksei Petrovich Tkachev
by Aleksandr Sidorov
For nearly 60 years, two renowned artist-brothers have painted together, often on the same canvas, chronicling one of history's most dramatic periods through the eyes of Russian villagers. Impressionists Sergei and Aleksei Tkachev have been awarded the most coveted prizes in the art world of the former USSR and the Russian Federation, telling their nation's stories as they lived it under Communism, perestroika and the current system as it struggles toward democracy. This book is the first in the English language to be published on these remarkable brothers, and it includes 178 color plates that reflect their own life experiences and those of their rural neighbors.
Socialist Realist Painting Available at
L.P. Cline and
on Amazon
Socialist Realist Painting
by Matthew Cullerne Bown
This book, the first comprehensive survey of Socialist Realist painting, traces this style from its artistic and intellectual origins in nineteenth-century Russia through its flowering in the middle of the twentieth century to its decline at the end of the Soviet period. Matthew Cullerne Bown analyses the formal and stylistic development of the art and discusses the theory underpinning it. He describes the creative work of such key figures as Aleksandr Deineka, Arkadi Plastov and Geli Korzhev, as well as the work of hundreds of other lesser-known painters throughout the century. He considers the work of artists in Moscow and St. Petersburg and also of those painters active in the Russian provinces and in the Soviet republics other than Russia. In its geographical and chronological sweep, its lavish illustrations and its wealth of primary source material, the book is an indispensable study of a major art movement of the twentieth century.
The Life and Works of Yuri Vnodchenko Available at
L.P. Cline and
on Amazon
The Life and Works of Yuri Vnodchenko
After three years of challenges in preparing a book about the life and works of this extraordinary man, Honored Artist of Voronezh, Russia, we are thrilled to finally present it to the world. This is not only a book of beautiful paintings, but a tribute and acknowledgment to some of those who have helped us along the way. You will find the heartfelt story of Vnodchenko's life from his days in the orphanage throughout his life as he followed his dream, knowing he had lived for a purpose when others had died. The historical text by Vladimir Dobromirov, director of the Voronezh Oblast Art Museum, I.N. Kramskoi, is inspiring. This is the beginning of other publications planned for the Voronezh artists. Your support in purchasing this book will make those plans a reality for those who thought their work would never be known to the outside world. This book is available from the L.P. Cline Gallery and soon available online at Amazon.
Faces of a Nation: The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union, 1917-1991 Available at
L.P. Cline
Faces of a Nation: The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union, 1917-1991
In a career that spanned more than five decades, Dmitri Baltermants was the premier photographer in the Soviet Union. An official photographer to the Kremlin and the photo editor of the popular news magazine Ogonyok, Baltermants visually documented the twentieth-century history of this great nation, recording all levels of Soviet society — from the working-class people to the highest political leaders — and showing as never before the Soviets as a truly "human" people. Now, through stunning photographs and probing text, Faces of a Nation captures the Soviet Union in a way that few Westerners have seen. From his artistic images of the horrors and heroics of war to his intimate photos of Soviet leaders and everyday citizens, Baltermants helped shape the way in which the Soviet people viewed their world.
Unknown Socialist Realism Available at
L.P. Cline
Unknown Socialist Realism
by The Leningrad School
The album is a substantial collection of works by a large group of painters representing the Leningrad School of painting. This book is a first inclusive publication on the history of the Leningrad School, one of the brightest and significant phenomena in the Soviet art of 1930-1980 that strongly influenced its contents and development. The book outlines basic periods of the school's evolution from the period that preceded its formation in the early 1930s up to the early 1990s. Paintings reproduced in the publication belong to large Russian and private collections, some of the works are published for the first time. This allows for a renewed and more comprehensive assessment of the art heritage of individual painters and the epoch in general. The publication contains a historical outline, artists' biographies and photographs and an extensive reference section that helps to navigate the book materials and provides the reader with important historical guidelines. Texts are published in Russian and English.
Russka Available at
L.P. Cline and
on Amazon
by Edward Rutherfurd
My good friend, who bought copies of Casino Moscow for all her family and friends after reading my copy, has now done the same with this amazing book. It is an account of four families who are divided yet united in shaping the destiny of their land. The Houston Chronicle writes, "An example of how a skillful historical novelist can illumine the present by dramatically re-creating the past." I found this to be a book you can lose yourself in. Edward Rutherfurd was born in Salisbury, England and is best known for his novel "Sarum" which is based on the history of Salisbury and Stonehenge. This is a great gift for yourself or someone close.
Natasha's Dance Available at
L.P. Cline and
on Amazon
Natasha's Dance
by Orlando Figes
A cultural history of Russia. Orlando figes is the author of Peasant Russia, Civil War and A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution, 1891-1924, which received the Wolfson Prize for history and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, among other distinctions. I could not put this book down. The research and factual content are unbelievable. Chapters "In Search of the Russian Soul", "Russia through The Soviet Lens" and "The Peasant Marriage" you must read if you are one of those (like me) who skip around when it is over 500 pages.
The Kitchen Boy: A novel of the Last Tzar Available at
L.P. Cline and
on Amazon
The Kitchen Boy: A novel of the Last Tzar
by Robert Alexander
Quote from the cover of this novel, "A fascinating and chilling story that explores the mysteries of the last days of Nicholas and Alexandra. This is historical fiction at its best, a tale based in fact but with all the atmosphere and surprise of an incredible novel." Two hundred plus pages of an incredible story. Take this with you on vacation. You won't regret it!
Masters of Fedoskino: The Teacher and His Students Available at
L.P. Cline and
on Amazon
Masters of Fedoskino: The Teacher and His Students
by John Woods
A beautifully illustrated book that contains an article on the history of Fedoskino Lacquer miniatures and the works of prominent craftsmen as well as more than 150 illustrations, including the best works from both Russian museums and private collections. An embodiment of the experience and talents of many generations, folk crafts are constantly developing and regenerating, thus remaining a viable modern art which gives joy and beauty to the people.
Casino Moscow Available at
L.P. Cline and
on Amazon
Casino Moscow
by Matthew Brzezinski
A tale of greed and adventure on Capitalism's Wildest Frontier. This book was recommended to me by a young Russian man who came into the gallery. He said it was a wonderful book for the "man of the house." After reading the book (before I gave it to Lynn) I was telling everyone about it. One of our customers after reading the book has ordered one for each of her children scattered around the country. They in turn have ordered for friends. It is contagious. Plan for enough time to read straight through. You will not be able to put it down. You will never read anything more exciting.
Ivan's War Available at
L.P. Cline and
on Amazon
Ivan's War
by Catherine Merridale
Life and death in the Red Army, 1939-1945. Quote from the cover, "A powerful, groundbreaking narrative of the ordinary Russian soldier's experience of the worst war in history." This book was given to Lynn and myself from a wonderful family who has a beautiful collection of Russian paintings and who became interested in Russian Art from their interest in World War II. So much of our art comes from the area that was so devastated by the war. We will always be indebted to this family for introducing this book to us. The same friend who bought all the Casino Moscow books has also bought "Ivan's War" for the same family members. This is a very emotional read. Don't let that keep you from reading it. You will see all people in a different light. Thank you David and family.
The Icon and the Axe: An Interpretive History of Russian Culture Available at
L.P. Cline and
on Amazon
The Icon and the Axe: An Interpretive History of Russian Culture
by James Billington
Quote: This is an illustrated interpretive history of modern Russian thought and culture. It is the product of one man's scholarship, reflection, and special interest. There is no illusion – and I hope no pretense – of offering an encyclopedic inventory of the Russian heritage or any simple key to understanding it. This is a selective account which seeks to provide new information and interpretation and not merely to codify an already established consensus: to open up rather than to "cover" this vast subject. 786 pages of history and information, a great book for any library. This book recommended to us by Lisa Hayden Espenschade, Writer, Editor and Russian Translator and Teacher.
The Oligarchs: Wealth and Power in the New Russia Available at
L.P. Cline and
on Amazon
The Oligarchs: Wealth and Power in the New Russia
by David E. Hoffman
Quote: "What makes this account both devastating and entertaining is the way Hoffman has pieced it together... He has read far and wide, and operated like a probing private eye." New York Times Book Review. It is hard to distinguish between the good that was accomplished for the Russian economy and the bad from self serving men. Listed in 100 best books of the year.
A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters Available at
L.P. Cline
A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters
by Matthew Cullerne Bown
Quote from the cover, "The Dictionary is the first work of reference in any language to provide a comprehensive guide to the huge range of painters who worked in the Russia Empire and its successor, the Soviet Union, from 1900 until the last decade of the Soviet Period."

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