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Vasily P. Krivoruchko

Vasily P. Krivoruchko

Vasily P. Krivoruchko was born August 10, 1919, in the Siberian Region of Altai. While an infant his family moved to the Black Earth region of Russia and settled in the ancient Don River settlement of Donetsk, (Ukraine).

From 1935 to 1939, Vasily P. Krivoruchko studied the art of Russia at the Kharkov Art College. Soon after his graduation from the art college he went into the Red Army and was soon on his way to the front. Vasily was in Berlin at the end of the war and helped the allies to liberate the region after the suicide of Hitler.

In 1951 Vasily P. Krivoruchko moved to Voronezh to pursue a career in the arts. He was accepted into the Artist's Union of Voronezh and the USSR. His love of and great knowledge about the history of ancient Russia put him in an excellent position of commissioned works. Although Vasily had been born and reared in a communist state he was devoted to the Russian Orthodox Church. Vasily P. Krivoruchko studied the works of the great Icon painters of olden times. The Icon painters were the first visual artists in Russia and remained the only painters for hundreds of years. Only in the 18TH Century after Ivan the Great opened Russia to the Western world, and Russians began to travel to Europe to study the Italian and French artists of the period. The Icon always had a special place in the work of Vasily P. Krivoruchko.

In the 1970's Vasily P. Krivoruchko was commissioned by the Russian Ministry of Culture to create a body of works to be displayed in a museum on the Kulllakova Fields, (Fields Of The Bells) where the Russians first turned back the Mongol Hordes. It took more than ten years for all the works to be completed. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, the Museum was closed and works were turned back over to the artist due to lack of funds to keep the museum open. Most of the larger works were donated to the Kromskoi Museum in Voronezh. A few have been purchased and brought to the USA and are now in several important collections.

For his devotion to Russian history and his enormous talent as an artist, Vasily P. Krivoruchko was named an Honored Artist of Russia, he traveled with his artist wife, Kseniya Uspenskaya, to all parts of Russia as well as to India, France and Italy.

Vasily Krivoruchko died November 17, 1994, and is buried in the Alley of Honorable People in Voronezh, Russia.

''Memorial To A Tank Battle'' by Vasily P. Krivoruchko"Memorial To A Tank Battle"
Date: 1991
Size: 10" x 8"
Oil on Card
Signature in Cyrillic on reverse
''Woman In A Posh Outfit'' by Vasily P. Krivoruchko"Woman In A Posh Outfit"
Oil on Canvas
Date: 1963
Size: 19.5" x 27.5"
Signature in Cyrillic
''For The Honor of The Motherland'' by Vasily P. Krivoruchko"For The Honor of The Motherland"
Oil on Canvas
Date: 1978
Size: 27.5" x34.75"
Signature in cyrillic on reverse
'Sketch, 'Nikolai A. Losachev',1973 recipient of State Agri.Award' by Vasily P. KrivoruchkoSketch, "Nikolai A. Losachev",1973 recipient of State Agri.Award
Pencil on paper
Date 1977
Size: 8" x 10.25"
Signature in cyrillic lower right corner
'Sketch, 'Pskov'' by Vasily P. KrivoruchkoSketch, "Pskov"
Ink on paper
Date: 1985
Size: 20.5" x 14.75"
Signature in cyrillic on reverse
'Sketch, 'The Golden Ring'' by Vasily P. KrivoruchkoSketch, "The Golden Ring"
Ink on paper
Date: 1985
Size: 21.75" x 16"
Signature in cyrillic on reverse

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